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Western Australia's New Medium Density Housing Code!

Last week, Planning Minister Rita Saffioti made a significant announcement that will help shape the future of residential housing in Western Australia. The release of the Medium Density Residential Housing Code (MDHC) is a major step forward in the State's planning reform program.

This policy seeks to create a more diverse housing selection throughout every suburb, encouraging the development of innovative and varied medium density housing designs that result in desirable living environments and sustainability. Challenging traditional ideas of how housing is designed and delivered, the MDHC strives to create more vibrant communities and improve liveability for better social and environmental outcomes.

State Planning Policy 7.3 - Medium Density Residential Housing Code (R-Codes Volume 1) prioritises:

  • Attractive streetscapes, useable landscaped gardens and more trees

  • Improved energy efficiency - Better solar passive design improving occupant amenity

  • Opportunities to apply water sensitive urban design principles

  • Flexible, functional living spaces - Improved design in relation to the minimum size of living and outdoor spaces

  • Space that can be adapted as you age or your lifestyle changes - Provision to add a studio, granny flat or an office

  • Clarity and consistency in planning processes.

The new policy will take effect for most medium density developments from September 2023.



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