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Our Services: Statutory Planning

The planning framework within Western Australia lives within a defined statutory realm. At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we can assess your project’s objectives to maximise success within the statutory framework and to ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained in a swift and equitable manner.

Development Success

Approval to commence development is required for the majority of developments within Western Australia. At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we can coordinate all aspects of the development process from understanding the statutory environment, planning and designing the development, obtaining all necessary approvals, coordinating construction through to completion and operation.

The staff at Dynamic Planning and Developments understand in-depth the mechanics of development from both private and public planning sector perspectives. Accordingly, we can place your project in an environment that optimises a successful and dynamic outcome.

Subdivision Success

The art form of subdivision seeks to create lots from a larger land parcel in a manner that negotiates constraints and optimises the opportunities of the land, whilst maximising value and capability of the subject land.

Dynamic Planning and Developments is highly experienced in the subdivision process from concept designs through to obtaining approvals, coordinating construction and completion. At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we welcome projects of all scales, large, medium or small.

Regional and Local Scheme Amendments

Regional and local scheme amendments, are in essence, a legal modification to a planning scheme (i.e. a document that has legal effect). As such, an excellent understanding of the statutory planning framework and the legal framework of planning schemes is a skill that we master at Dynamic Planning and Developments.

Dynamic Planning and Developments is highly experienced in the regional and local scheme amendment process and can ensure that your project’s objective is achieved through the scheme amendment process.

Appeals and Reviews

In certain circumstances, an appeal and/or a review against a decision issued by a planning authority may be questioned as correct or fair. In the majority of circumstances, appeals and/or reviews to a relevant body is available.

Dynamic Planning and Developments is highly experienced in representing the interests of private and public sectors in appeals and reviews and can ensure that proper and equitable outcomes are realised.

Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we have excellent affiliations with other professionals within the development industry and cover the entire spectrum of land development. Accordingly, we can provide due diligence and feasibility studies catered to a specific objective to ensure that your subsequent resources are appropriately and effectively invested.


At Dynamic Planning and Developments, our staff has both private and public sector experience. Accordingly, we are able to promote outcome-based planning whilst respecting the relevant statutory and strategic planning considerations.



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