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Dynamic Planning & Developments

Your Success Is Our Passion

Our History

Dynamic Planning and Developments was created to provide the land development industry a town planning and project coordination consultancy that is tuned to achieve success and not simply outcomes. Furthermore, it was created to form a platform for achieving success for all sectors of the land development community. That is, from small, medium to large corporate clientele to right down to the homeowner.

Following senior roles in previous planning sectors, our founding director, Neil Teo, in 2007 established Dynamic Planning and Developments. With an ever-increasing amount of policy, regulation and procedures all affecting the land development process, there was a need to create a platform whereby the land development community could approach a single entity and be transported from concept through to construction with minimal stress and complication.

Dynamic Planning and Developments sees itself as achieving success through passion. That is, we are passionate of what all stakeholders want to achieve in the land development exercise and we use that passion to facilitate win-win outcomes for all parties.

Dynamic Planning and Developments lives and prospers on its reputation of striving for excellence and passion for achieving balanced planning outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

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Industry Recognised

We are recognised by various government authorities for achieving exceptional balanced development outcomes.

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Our team are experienced and knowledgeable with the workings of both the public and private sectors.

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Management Skills

We manage projects from inception to completion.

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We have a reputation for exceeding clients expectations.

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I have known Neil Teo, the Director of Dynamic Planning, professionally since his involvement in one of our projects prior to the conception of Dynamic Planning. Dynamic Planning’s professionalism and ‘leaving no stone unturned’ approach has been the reason why we have carried existing and new business over to Dynamic Planning without hesitation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Neil and his team at Dynamic Planning to anyone as I am sure they will provide the same professional approach and deliver good project outcomes as they have done for us.

Tony Mendez - Executive Manager, Residential Estates

Rockingham Park Pty Ltd & Summit Development Corporation Pty Ltd

Neil Teo

Supported by a Team of Planning Professionals

As the founding Director of Dynamic Planning, Neil expertly leads our team with a clear vision and a wealth of successful experience from over 25 years in both government and private sector planning.

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Neil Teo Director of Dynamic Planning and Developments
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