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8 reasons to engage a Town Planner in 2023

Whether it’s a new home, office building, shopping centre, aged care facility or addition to an existing structure, before you consider any development there are a number of items you should consider. Maximising your property opportunities whilst understanding any necessary limitations is vital to your success.

Once you have your idea and found a potential property, the process of applying for planning approval is undoubtedly time-consuming, somewhat confusing and can end up costly when not done properly. It is this phase of a project where a qualified town planner can make the most difference.

So, why engage one? Here’s 8 reasons (among many) why you should:

Assess and advise

Town planners can provide valuable advice about development potential of your property with their knowledge of planning rules and regulations whilst also providing important guidance when exploring the suitability of a property.

Due diligence and feasibility studies

Prior to lodging an application for planning approval a town planner’s job is to thoroughly review the applicable planning framework, identifying any potential problems early in the process and advising the best way to overcome them to ensure the most straightforward and smooth approval process.

A town planner can provide due diligence and feasibility studies catered to a specific objective to ensure that your subsequent resources are appropriately and effectively invested.

Design feedback

When it comes to designing a new development there are things you may want but can’t have. Town planners understand planning requirements specific to a local area and can discuss your design ideas and their potential so you don’t end up disappointed.

Understanding the rules and regulations

Town planning includes analysis of different legal documents, regulations and policies such as local planning schemes, structure plans and local planning policies (among others), which local councils consider as part of the assessment process. These guidelines play a vital role in the way we develop our communities and understanding them can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Working with these documents daily, town planners have a specialised understanding of how they are applied and how they might impact your intended development.

Quality of applications

To have the best chance of your application succeeding at Council, you will need to make sure you provide the right information in the way the Council requires it to be presented. Town planners are practising their skills every day and know all the requirements and information needed when submitting your development application and how it is to be presented, ensuring an application of the highest professional standard.  

Navigate and negotiate with efficiency

Town planners know how the council works as they have previous experience and relationships with them. They know council language and lingo, and they understand the constraints of local government, hence having them as the main point of contact when navigating your application process ensures efficiency for all involved.

During the application process, there will almost certainly be a time where negotiation and compromise is necessary. Engaging a town planner who will do the negotiation for you is the most professional way to present your proposal in its best light. They will listen and provide expert advice while knowing how to get the best results in the most expeditious way.

Comprehensive services

Town planners offer more than just “planning”. They can help you in almost all aspects of your project, coordinating a project team, planning and designing the development, obtaining all necessary approvals and assisting in the implementation of conditions of approval.

Collaboration with industry consultants

Along with all the paperwork and documentation required for development approval, one of the many challenges of a project is the need to collaborate with a variety of experts in the field, including surveyors, architects, engineers etc.

Your town planner can help you bring together the most reliable professionals leading your development to success through the collaboration with all involved consultants.


At Dynamic Planning and Developments our proactive approach combined with our passion and creativity allows us to deliver innovative projects, be it small, medium or large.

From ‘Mum & Dad’ developers to large commercial developments, everyone receives the attention to detail and time dedicated to your project that you deserve.

If there’s a town planning matter that we can help with, we would love to hear from you! Give our expert team of experienced town planners a call on 08 9275 4433.

With 15 years’ experience, Dynamic Planning will help you navigate the entire process, working on your behalf to get the job done and take away any confusion.



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