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Project Coordination & Management

Concept to Construction

At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we offer project coordination and management services in addition to our urban and regional town planning services.

We can tailor the intensity of project management to suit the projects and client’s needs in order to ensure that cost effective, yet detailed supervision of projects is achieved to optimise a desired outcome.

Through our extensive knowledge of the land development process, we ensure that all development considerations are investigated and planned for action to guarantee successful outcomes without undue stress, complications or delays.

At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we inherit your project as if it were our own.

Project Coordination
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Master Planning

Clear Strategies for Balanced Developments

Master Planning facilitates the controlled development of land to exploit opportunities whilst managing and mitigating constraints. In doing so, town centres, transport systems, living nodes, civic/cultural uses, employment nodes, green spaces, waste systems and environmental systems are produced to complement each other and to achieve a dynamic and vibrant outcome for communities and ecosystems to grow and live within.

Through our respected presence within the development industry and excellent associations with other skilled professions, we provide the services to prepare and implement dynamic master plans.

Master Planning
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Strategic Planning

Outline Development Plans (ODPs) & Structure Plans

The planning realm often requires outline development plans and/or structure plans, as a precursor to the further subdivision and development of land.

Outline development plans and/or structure plans explore the opportunities and constraints of a specified area and plans for appropriate land uses and transport systems to create functional and liveable neighbourhoods.

Dynamic Planning and Developments is highly experienced in creating successful outline development plans and/or structure plans and has achieved benchmark milestones in various local authorities throughout Western Australia.

Strategic Planning
Statutory Planning
Modern Housing

Statutory Planning

Statutory Analysis

The planning framework within Western Australia lives within a defined statutory realm. At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we can assess your project’s objectives to maximise success within the statutory framework and to ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained in a swift and equitable manner.


  • Development Success

  • Subdivision Success

  • Regional and Local Scheme Amendments

  • Appeals and Reviews

  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

  • Negotiation

Construction Planners meeting on construction site

Development Coordination

Design Guideline Facilitation & Detailed Area Plans (DAPs)

In some instances, design guidelines and DAPs may be required in order to coordinate a development outcome. Such considerations may relate to the position of dwellings, height limitations, setbacks, design materials, and so on.

At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we have significant experience in formulating effective and functional design guidelines and DAPs, which are well regarded and respected by the various planning authorities.

Development Application and Implementation
Approval to commence development is required for the majority of developments within Western Australia. At Dynamic Planning and Developments, we can coordinate all aspects of the development process from understanding the statutory environment, planning and designing the development, obtaining all necessary approvals, coordinating construction through to completion and operation.

The staff at Dynamic Planning and Developments understand in-depth the mechanics of development from both private and public planning sector perspectives. Accordingly, we can place your project and an environment that optimises a successful outcome.

Developmet Coordination
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