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New mixed-use development set for Hammond Park!

We're thrilled to announce another successful development approval that we have worked hard to achieve for our client. Although initially facing a recommendation of refusal, we overcame the issues and challenges brought to us and have secured JDAP approval for this exciting project. Despite the planning framework strongly demanding the need for a Local Structure Plan (LSP) to be prepared and approved prior to any development application, through a clear strategy and sound justification, Dynamic Planning demonstrated the appropriateness for a development approval to be granted.

Located on the corner of Gaebler Road and Hammond Road, this new commercial development approval features a 7-Eleven store and fuel station, Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC, a medical centre, and a car wash.

Bringing multiple services and convenience to the local area, we can’t wait to see this one come together.

A huge thank you to everyone involved – this was truly a team effort!



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