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Arcadia Waters Greenfields – Final Stage


Arcadia Waters


Greenfields, WA


Subdivision Approval

Our DP team are excited to have been granted approval for the final stage of a retirement village on behalf of Arcadia Waters.

Located at Lot 700 (No. 77) Murdoch Drive, Greenfields, the approved development represents the completion of the village with the approval for twenty-three grouped dwellings to be used for the purposes of Aged Persons Accommodation in association with the existing independent living complex.

This estate is located just over 2.3km from the City Centre of Mandurah, in a great location and is well-serviced by local amenities and services. We look forward to completion helping to fulfil the growing demand for additional aged care dwellings.

Services Implemented:

Planning Approvals

Project Coordination


Statutory Planning



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