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About Us
Dynamic Planning and Developments provides you with customised town planning and project coordination services with a strong focus on innovation, professionalism, effectiveness and vision into every project, be it small, medium or large.

Founded by our Director, Neil Teo, in 2007, we are proud of our focus and success in promoting and achieving performance-based outcomes to ensure that the interests of our clients’ projects are optimised, managed and delivered with efficiency and experience.

As professionals, we have an excellent reputation in the industry for delivering projects that exceed our clients expectations. We are also proud that we are respected by various government authorities for achieving exceptional balanced development outcomes.

Dynamic Planning and Developments is valued within the industry for managing projects from inception to completion in the entire spectrum of the planning and development realm.

We welcome your involvement and invite you to be part of a dynamic process. If you would like to discuss how Dynamic Planning and Developments can help you achieve dynamic outcomes, please contact our staff on + 61 8 9275 4433 or email us:
Dynamic Planning and Developments